Jay Shirley

I'm building an app to form great habits and achieve your dreams.

I hope you'll give it a try.

The Daily Practice

About me.

First and foremost, I grow software. I believe I can produce fantastic software. This is because I try to spend as much time thinking, reading and studying the process of people significantly better than I am. I steal their ideas, combine them and make subtle adjustments to create products.

I am not for hire but happily share my opinion. If this is for a business, there is a fee involved.

I love many things, but few things are more satisfying than studying and perfecting my craft. Those few things are my family, my car and my business.

I use Vim on OS X and iTerm2. I use Markdown and publish with Jekyll and a variety of my plugins.

Though I know and have practical experience in most languages, Perl continues to be my favorite.

I track interesting things I find on the Internet on the notes page.